Five fabulous festival experiences not to miss at Wolfkop Weekender’s ‘Power Flower Picnic’

Five fabulous festival experiences not to miss at Wolfkop Weekender's 'Power Flower Picnic'

Wolfkop Weekender – Cape Town’s best-kept party secret returns to the breathtaking depths of Citrusdal this month with their season opener – ‘Power Flower Picnic.’ Hidden deep within the Citrusdal Valley, past the orange groves and down by a lush river is a jewel of a venue and home to Wolfkop Weekender’s summer series of events.

This spring Wolfkop kicks off with their groovy gathering the ‘Power Flower Picnic.’ The gathering will take place in the rolling greens of Wolfkop’s camping village when the orange groves are heaving with bounty.

Power Flower Picnic will kick off next weekend on the 20 September and run through until Tuesday 24 September (Heritage Day). The music will play from Friday afternoon to Sunday night as usual and feature a fantastically curated lineup of local and international talent such as; The Drifter, Culoe De Song, Bruno Morphet, Cthulhu, Fabio, JAY ME, and more.

Besides just getting groovy on the dancefloor, Wolfkop Weekender: Power Flower Picnic 2019 will also host a variety of enthralling festival experiences to explore and indulge in. Take a look at our top five adventures not to miss next weekend. For more information join the event page on Facebook or simply book your ticket right here.

1 ) The Mirage

The Mirage will once again float upon a dream between Golden Valley and Lost Valley campsites. In collaboration with the inspiring MilQ + Honey team, Wolfkop has a vast array of offerings planned for you all such as:

A food experience with an incredible local chef to tantalise the taste-buds
A sound healing journey to rejuvenate the mind
Yoga followed by healing smoothies and elixirs
A pop-up cinema for low key relaxing and visual feasting
A beautiful concoction of flavourful food and beverages to feed the soul.

Find out more right here.

2) The Healing Daydream Mobile Spa

The Healing Daydream is back in its spot the riverbank next weekend, where a team of healing hands will work their magic and encourage deep, relaxing feels. Other than unwinding your beautiful self, the team are also offering glamourous gypsy-styled hair and makeup! They have an early booking offer of 10% off your treatment if you book before the 20th of September.

They generally do get filled up over the weekend, so do take advantage of this to secure some time in their tender finger-tipped care. View their magical menu right here and get in touch through their page to make your booking.

3) Monday Funday

Guests attending Wolfkop Weekender: Power Flower Picnic 2019 are also invited to stay for an extended long weekend – meaning an additional day and night to see out the festival in a restorative style. Festival attendees can look forward to a scrumptious lunchtime braai on Monday after the hurry-up-and-stay Sunday session in the boma.

“There are a couple of amazing hikes in the area, that you’re unlikely to have ventured on during the festivals and that we highly recommend,” the organisers say, “The stars are just the craziest thing out there – so don’t forget to take a quiet moment and look up!”

4) Friday Feast at The Mirage

The Mirage Lounge will play host to a flavourful Food Experience on Friday evening, commencing from 6.30pm. Get ready to indulge yourself in a wholesome and extravagant journey for the taste buds with an organic, alkaline and plant-based (vegan) feast being served! All dishes will be infused with medicinal indigenous herbs and roots. A feast of conscious foods put on by the MilQ + Honey team.

Please follow the link below to book your seat at the table, there are only 40-50 spots available, and they will be gone in a freshly-foraged wink. Book your seat here.

5) SteadyOn Sound System

A regular night in Cape Town founded by DanTempo and Richard Marshall, it’s with third resident and master of all things slo-mo, Ivan Turanjanin, that will get things kicking on Saturday morning. Wolfkop believes the ever-important first set of the day requires finesse and foresight as those first beats are often heard from people’s tents, and need to be carefully crafted to draw the weary from slumber to thunder. SteadyOn Sound System play at Wolfko’s Power Flower Picnic on Saturday at 10 am.






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