Fireman Finds A Dead Body That Turns Out Being Just A Guy Taking A Nap

A Fireman Finds What He Thinks Is A Dead Body, Which Turns Out Just Being A Guy Taking A Nap

Fireman dead body

With Summer around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere, we can look forward to cooking hot days in the African sun, with all of us clambering to find ways to deal with the heat. This is pretty much what happened to guy in the video below, who decided that the best way to beat the heat was to take a little nap in the middle of the local river.

People obviously got a bit concerned not having seen the man get into the river in the first place and called firefighters to come and deal with what they believed was a floating ‘corpse’. In the video below, one of the firemen called to the scene carefully wades through the water towards what he thinks is a corpse, only to have the guy wake up and scare the living crap out of everyone:

What a laugh… I reckon he definitely pee’d himself a little bit there!

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