Fire & Ice Hotel – are the cocktails hot or cold?

Of late I’ve been somewhat put off by cocktails- their sugary colourfulness really hasn’t been doing it for me. In a bid to change all of that the Fire & Ice Hotel in Cape Town invited me around to try out their brand new selection of cocktails.

The Fire & Ice has always been a firm favourite of mine because of its quirky nature. It is a hotel that doesn’t take itself too seriously when it decor, which inevitably gives the establishment a sense of unspoken coolness. They have been hard at work, doing a full overhaul of their menus (food and drinks) to make sure that they stayed current. I was tasked with trying out 3 of their newest creations, The Iceberg, Comfort Jar and the Fire and Ice.

The Iceberg:

This one was probably the most different because of one particular ingredient, an ingredient that I’ve never had in a drink before- an egg! The drink consists of vodka, blue curacao and an egg white that is beaten to form a bit of a foam, which is added to the ice. The end result is something that resembles an iceberg floating in the ocean. It has a fairly crisp taste to begin with, which is followed with a smooth aftertaste left by the egg white. It’s not sweet at all but still makes for a refreshing take on a vodka martini.

The Fire and Ice:

The Fire and Ice, is named after the hotel and is an interesting twist on a normal long island iced tea. The usual 5 spirits go into the mix but instead of using coke as a mixer they’ve decided to go with lemonade mixed with raspberry liquer and blue curacao instead. The drink is on the sweet side but does offer quite a refreshing option should you be going the cocktail route while out.

The Comfort Jar:

This one is by far my favourite. It is kind of like a mojito/jam jar with one special ingredient used- a burnt lemon. This really does wonders for the flavour of the drink, giving you that nice warm feeling inside after your first sip. The drink is served in a Consol glass jam jar unmixed- leaving you to shake the mixture yourself, completing the drink. The experience of mixing it yourself really does make this drink different. I really could drink boat loads of these without even batting an eyelid- it’s a winner.

It’s quite a cool spot to come chill with a group of mates, with the over-the-top decor and drinks making a cool conversation point should you and your friends have nothing to speak about on the night. The Fire and Ice is  far more relaxed than most other hotel-bars and to be honest I do quite enjoy a slightly more chilled vibe when doing pre-drinks. It was the first hotel in the city to have a climbing wall and there’s really no equal to the Coughin’ Room (the smoking room), which has coffins for benches and an open grave on the ceiling.

fire and ice smoking room

Apart from  the 3 drinks that are still to be added to the menu you’ll also find:

Brrrrrr le’: Vanilla Custard Crème Brulee;
Cosmostolitan: Just add ice cream;
Stolilicious: Lindt, Lindt and more Lindt;
Vanilla Espresso Milkatini: Blended not Stirred;
Pancake: Bananas and Cinnamon;
Afternoon Tea: Earl Grey never tasted so good;
Passionate Stoli: Raspberry with a Touch of Passion; and
Fire & Ice!: Chilli and Ice and all things nice.

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