Fined for Driving while Driving- wait, what?

In more ridiculous South African news the national traffic department has sunk to an all time new low with the issue of this absolutely unbelievable fine for- driving… while driving.

Yes thats right where you have to fill in the reason for the fine this incredibly bright Bloemfontein traffic officer wrote- “Drove while driving”.

Wow… and then we’re really suprised by the fact that they hide in bushes waiting to “catch you” speeding. *sigh*

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  1. Oh my sack!!Thats the funniest shit ever!Problem is theyre bored and have nothing better to do than fuck around all day holding each others cocks!

  2. mofo was probably driving pissed and the cop wrote it down wrong… maybe the cop was drinking too.. ?

  3. Dear Christophel Snyman: I feel that i would have cleaned my nails a bit before taking the pic that slags off traffic cops…and also maybe not show the world my home address…just saying…

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