Find out more about Wesley Murphy and Cape Town’s newest brand – KaasCPT!

All words by Custard X
All pictures by @welooothewise & @3chads

The global climate is not well, as a collective we are in a period of great uncertainty and it is up to us, as consumers, to ensure the longevity of local-based entrepreneurs and businesses by supporting them as best we can.  

KaasCPT is one of those businesses.

Introducing small-business owner and creator of a brand that is authentically and unapologetically Kaapstad, Wesley Murphy; A 26-year-old entrepreneur who has established his identity through his label, KaasCPT. 

Custard X – “Where were you born and raised?”

Wesley Murphy – “I am Wesley, also known as @Welooothewise, a graphic designer, animator, and entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Cape Town, Southern Suburbs and have always had a passion for art and horticulture.”

C – “What is KaasCPT?”

WM – “As you may know, the term ‘Kaas’ is most commonly used by all Capetonians to describe a very potent strain of marijuana. Hence, KaasCpt is a “potent” streetwear brand, illustrating both marijuana and Cape Town culture, with a touch of my style.

C – “How did KaasCPT come about?”

WM – “KaasCPT first came about when myself and a friend, who also has a passion for plants and gardening, started talking about having a marijuana farm when the laws eventually fall into place. If you aren’t familiar with the American brand, ‘’Cookies”, they had a farm and dispensaries first, thereafter, started a clothing brand to rep the farm’s “brand’’. I am basically doing this in reverse. I’ve always had a passion for art and design, and have always wanted to wear clothing with my own designs on them, and that’s how this cookie crumbled.

C – “Do you believe there is a purpose for your brand in a market that is seen as oversaturated? /what is your X-factor?”

WM – “I definitely believe that there is a purpose for my brand. I originally visualized hemp t-shirts and hemp clothing in general, so it’s just a matter of time for that vision to come into reality. Hemp, as you may know, is the most eco-friendly, durable material on earth, originated from the Hemp plant which is part of the marijuana family. I have many other ideas on the way that will be highly beneficial for anyone who is interested in the KaasCPT brand.”

C – “What is your plan of action with regards to collaboration? Are you open to it?”

WM – “I am definitely open to collaborating. I have an upcoming collaboration in the works at the moment. I believe as a small business in Cape Town, collaborations are very important, not only to expand to different markets but to empower each other to keep on pushing and raising the bar. There is so much potential in Cape Town, but everyone is too comfortable, stuck in their circles. I’ve learnt that being uncomfortable creates growth.”

C – “How do you plan to take KaasCPT to new heights?” 

WM – “Hemp material. Not many understand the true value of it or how it can save the planet in every aspect, I’ll look to incorporate the super-fiber along with limited edition designs created by myself and other design collaborators.”

C – “Being a local apparel based in South Africa, what are some of the difficulties you’ve faced as a brand/business?”

WM – “The most recent difficulty is the COVID-19 pandemic, that is affecting the entire world, and has recently just hit South Africa hard. The lockdown has forced KaasCPT manufacturing to come to a halt, and everything has slowed down. I have also learnt the hard way, not to mix friends and business. Even through all of this, I am still motivated and still also pushing my brand. “The relentless pursuit towards excellence’’, a quote by my cousin that has always stuck with me.”

C – “Where do you see KaasCPT in the future?”

WM – “When things clear up, KaasCPT will be in local apparel stores across the country in the future, who knows? One thing is for certain, Kaas Cpt will have a medicinal marijuana and hemp farm.”

C – “What’s next for Wesley Murphy?” 

WM – “An upcoming collaboration, with some extremely talented artists that I am very excited to release. When the climate gets better, I am hoping to have an online store up-and-running, and to eventually expand the KaasCPT range by adding beanies, hoodies, vests and many other items.”

Visit KaasCPT’s socials and browse through a wide range of locally-sourced garments all designed by the extremely versatile, Wesley Murphy – see for yourself, this bru’s creativity knows no bounds.

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