Finally no more drunk social media posts with the Social Media Sobriety Test

Ever come home from a night of massive partying, hopped onto the computer and proceeded to do a series of posts that you would come to regret in the morning? Even for the likes of the near perfect me, this has been a major problem in the past. This one time I left sexual comment on someone Facebook wall after a night of heavy drinking- I mentioned something about using a Llama as a prop- never let a drunken blogger near any form of social media. Ever.

Fear not, a web security company by the name of Webroot is now offering a freeware tool designed to prevent users of social networks like me and you from posting embarrassing drunken messages online. Based on the premise that nothing good happens after 1am the Colorado-based company hopes to put an end to the embarrassment and persecution that results from Facebook friends.

It’s called the “Social Media Sobriety Test” is available as a free plug-in for all Firefox Web browsers users. You can apply the “post nanny” across a selection of social media platforms including the likes of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or even Tumblr for a pre-determined time period. Before being allowed to post freely, you are required to perform a coordination test/recognition test and if you fail the test you will be blocked from the service until the morning.

Quite nifty me thinks… Maybe its time to switch to Firefox. Or stop drinking. No prizes for guessing which option is more realistic for me…

The “your baby has a big head” comment literally had me in stitches!!! 🙂

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  1. 1 word…. GENIUS! They deserve to make more money than Zuckenberg!
    That said, half the fun is the angry, flirty, accidental, i miss, i love, i hate, i wanna and so on type fuck ups the next day that people have written!

  2. @Stacky: Nothing better than waking up and your account on FB has been deleted…If only I had a print screen of what I worte all those yrs ago 😉

    Death/Slutty/Lover/Angry/Raw messages for the win !!!

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