Fight Church is an actual, real thing

fight church

When I first saw the link to a trailer for Fight Church, I immediately started questioning numerous aspects of the concept – I mean, how on earth could they fit the ring and pews into a church and still manage to get through the readings without getting blood onto a Bible??! However, on closer inspection I learned that Fight Church is actually a movie-documentary that examines the relationship between Christianity and MMA, because you know Jesus was totally a fan of doing a rear-naked choke and getting his disciples to tap out.

The documentary follows the lives of a group of fighting church pastors and is set to premiere today, April 24 at the Independent Film Festival of Boston, then on April 25 at the Nashville Film Festival, according to the movie’s Facebook page.

“Jesus never tapped out, he came to finish what he needed to do.”

– says one of the pastors in the film

I’m not saying that there’s no place for religion in sports (sometimes a good prayer might keep the opposition rugby player from decapitating you), but I really don’t know whether pastors should be beating up other pastors/people for a documentary regardless of who they pray to.

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