FIFA 14 New features confirmed

Fifa 14

The moment that every girlfriend and wife fears the most each year has been confirmed as taking place somewhere in the 3rd quarter of 2013 – Yes boys and girls, the release of FIFA 14 is immanent.

Many (most of whom work for EA Games) have been totting FIFA 14 as the answer to all football sims, ever, expecting it to even outsell the likes of Call Of Duty when it is released later this year. The developers behind the game have added a couple of new features that are supposed to be aimed at making this the best ever FIFA.

The new features include:

Pure shot – Now players adjust their running stride and approach angles to make sure they’re in the best position to shoot and score. I think that this is an awesome decision that will inevitably lead to more shots that are placed in areas of the goal,  other than the keeper’s hands.

Curling lofted through balls – Yes! More passing options means more realism… I can see those spectacular balls from Xavi to Messi already.

Protect The BallYou can finally shield the ball from defenders trying to dispossess you, at any speed (and not just when you’re walking). This is good as long as you don’t have players who score too highly, making them IMPOSSIBLE to tackle.

Teammate Intelligence – FIFA 14 is clever. Your team-mates’ AI decision making has been drastically improved. This means, less offsides and better attacking runs off the ball.

2nd chance tackles – Now defenders will be able to recover and make a second tackle, should they miss out of the cherry on the first occasion. This is probably the one addition that is going to irritate most of us. It is already fairly difficult to beat the top defenders with skill moves and this addition might make it near impossible against the likes of Vidic and co.

So overall, it sounds good enough to keep me indoors. Now we wait…

FIFA14 pure shot


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