Fiction Presents Breaks or Die

Fiction is proud to present BREAKS OR DIE
“The continuation of the Breakin ZA album launch”



2nd April

“The days of The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim have inspired many producers to continue the breakbeat culture that Afrika Bambaataa created juggling Kraftwerk in the 80’s. Technology has made production available to the youth, who have eaten it up and laid it all over the web…”

Last year saw the release of the much anticipated album ‘ Breakin ZA’ compiled by Leyton Smith aka the Blunted Stuntman. The album features a massive selection of local production from the guys behind African Dope and the biggest breaks labels abroad.

Breaks or Die is a celebration of this. We are paying tribute to the success of the album and the talented people behind it. All the artists featured appear on the album and have performed alongside ‘The Stuntman’ at some stage in their careers. We have gathered the who’s who and invited them to perform at what is promised to be a musical education.

Join us on the 2nd of April for this once off special occasion.

Breaks or Die!


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