Fiction “All Stars” :: Niskerone, Killer Robot, Dank, Sedge Warbler, Mix n Blend & more!

Fiction All Stars – Friday 18th May 2012

Fiction has been back for over a month and it’s been a crazy ride filled with ups and downs. Filled with issues with council and various government bodies but we’re back and here to stay.

There’s still more on the horizon as they await the final confirmation from the powers that be for the floors above. So never give up faith! There’s only bigger and better things coming!

This Friday the new Fiction see’s some of it’s favourite acts take to the DJ Booth. They’ve dubbed them the Fiction All Stars [Think Avengers but better] for their tireless effort in making the club what it is and always has been.

The All Stars – Friday 18th Mat 2012 [7 Insane Acts in 1 Night!]

Mix ‘n Blend
Bruce WIllis
Killer Robot
Tommy Gun
Sedge Warbler

There are acts who haven’t been mentioned who deserve a position on this list and who will be making an appearance at the next All Stars party. You know who you are! Don’t feel left out!

Entrance is R50 before 11 and R60 After. Arrive early and avoid the queue.

R50 > b4 11pm < R60

All Stars, go!

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