Fez Thursday

This Thursday at the Fez is going to be another debaucherous occassion. It honestly scares me to go to Fez for the simple reason that once inside, all inhibitions seem to get thrown out the window and Friday becomes a day of survival.  Although at the same time, Fez has never and will never fail on providing you with the best night possible. A large open planned venue, awesome music and probably the hottest mooiness you will find in Cape Town go to Fez on a Thursday night. This week we bringing back the guestlist vibes, so send your names in now:

This week DJ line up is the following.

10 – 12 – Kyle Phonics

12 – 2 Chris Howard

2 – 4 Gareth Devore

For Guestlist to Fez this Thursday, comment below with your NAME AND SURNAME (as well as your friends NAME AND SURNAME) and you will be added to the guestlist for Thursday night.

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  1. I want to be one of the survivors that make it throught the raucous evenings at Fez.;) heard a lot of good stuff about this place.:)

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