FEMBOTS at Fiction


FEMBOTS at Fiction!

FEMBOTS are bringing Woman’s Day celebrations to Fiction. Hauswork and SHE will be hosting an all-female line-up of artists that reflect the diversity and finesse of women across South Africa and beyond. Taking place at Fiction in Cape Town, both guys and girls are invited to join the celebrations from 22h00until 04h00.

Headlining the FEMBOTS event is the much-acclaimed Marcela Ospina. Colombian born, Jo’burg DJ that has been impressing with her intense dancefloor-connected style of techno. This, born through her anthropological studies and keen observation into the curiosity that is the human condition.

Marcela is supported in her headliner role and first appearance in Cape Town by veteran Shylo Slabber, host Nicole Weitsz, and co-host Vanessa Holliday, who will be debuting her exciting new live acoustic collaboration project Holliday + Flinch.


10h00 to 11h30: Shylo 


11h30 to 12h00: Holliday + Flinch 


12h00 to 01h00: Vanessa Holliday 


1h00 to 3h00: Marcela


3h00 to 4h00: Nicole Weitsz


Pre-sale tickets are available for R40 on Pulse Radio and for R60 at the door. Since it is women’s month, we cannot go without some added benefit for the ladies… For each guy who buys a pre-sale ticket; one female will be able to enter for free before midnight.

Join the FEMBOTS for a journey into the diverse straight-beat experience, with a distinctly feminine touch.

For more information on FEMBOTS: 


Ticket sales on Pulse Radio:


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