Female Geography

During my period of perrinial singledom I have come across many different types of women (haha) and have found that although its terrible to box people, there are certain characteristics that ring true of women of a certain age. I also found that these women of varying ages and their characteristics could be well-described by comparing them to countries and continents around the globe.

Between 18 and 25
A woman is like our home, 
Africa: Wild , naturally beautiful and full of mysterious , fertile deltas.


Between 26 and 34
A woman is like
America : Well-developed and open for trade, especially for those with stacks of money. Also always keen to get involved other people’s business.


Between 35 and 44
A woman is like
India : Sensual, relaxed, in full bloom and aware of her beauty.


Between 45 and 54
A woman is like
France : Deliciously mature but still a very pleasant destination to visit from time to time.


Between 55 and 60
A woman is like
Yugoslavia : A lost war, haunted by the mistakes of the past. Major reconstruction work is needed to restore former beauty.


Between 61 and 65
A woman is like
Russia : Vast with undefined borders & frontiers. The cold climate puts off most potential visitors.


Between 66 and 70
A woman is like
Mongolia : A glorious past, great conquests, but without a future.


After 70
A woman is like
Afghanistan or the north pole: Many know its whereabouts, but no one dares to venture there……



Sorry guys….
Between 15 and 90: A man is like
Zimbabwe : Ruled by a dick…..

 Hehe… a bit of humour to start off your Wednesday! Happy Hump Day 🙂

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