Feiyue Shoes: Do you want some?


Feiyue” means flying forward – the perfect name for this open minded and promising brand…

Over the last couple of months or so, I have been noticing some of these sick shoes popping up all over the place. I knew the first time I saw someone with a pair on at Assembly that I had to get myself some. The more I saw them, the more I wanted some and the more I went out, the more I saw them, forcing the issue that I needed to get myself a pair, as soon as possible! Feiyue have done well to position themselves among some of the top brands in the sneaker canvas market by pushing the brand to their correct target market. I mean, I am seeing these shoes pretty much every time I go out. Just like the first time at Assembly. They were even giving some out at Fiction the other night (Should have been there, dammit), someone had some on at work the other day,  some dude had a slick pair on cruising through Cavendish. They are everywhere, pretty much all the places in Cape Town where people are keen on fashionable street styled sneakers. They are perfect for a business meeting, for a date, casual wear, trance parties or even a night on the town with the guys and girls. Although I dont know if I would be keen on getting the pair below dirty… They look to good to dirty!


Here is a little background about Feiyue:

From supporting Chinese feet in the 20s, to rocking the soles of hipsters around the globe, Feiyue is more than a shoe, it’s a statement.

Starting out in Shanghai in the 1920s, Feiyue was the shoe of choice for politicians and workers alike, thanks to its comfort and simplicity. However, it was to be decades later when a French trio with a love of kicks, culture and design took control of the brand that it was to cannonball back into popular culture. And here it is.

Feiyue can now be found in boutiques across Europe, Scandinavia, the US, and, more recently, in high-end establishments throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

So, what makes Feiyue really stand out? Well, the brand’s revival has paved the way for loads of new ideas and exciting styles – something any sneaker pimp can appreciate. And with its strong Asian heritage to build upon, Feiyue is the perfect platform for a bit of cross-cultural collaboration

This latest Delta Mid “hybrid” model from Feiyue introduces a mid cut and a subtle shape between the 10N28E and classic low cuts and takes its name from the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet; it is also the 4th original model from the Feiyue range.

Check out some of the new Delta Mid range:

Delta profil-002

Delta profil-004

Delta profil-010

Delta profil-007

How sick are those shoes, I am definitely going to get myself a pair of these for winter! Without a doubt, some really stylish footwear…

The Delta Mid is available in Canvas/Suede and Leather/Suede combinations and is available nationwide from select stores such as AStore in Cape Town, The Streets in JHB, Courage and Candy in Stellenbosch and just recently from Mooks in the Mall of Rosebank, JHB. They are also exclusively available online at www.astoreisgood.com.

Price: Leather/ Suede (R895)/ Canvas/Suede (R675)

Contact 082 431 0081 for stockist info.

 Competition time:

Look back tomorrow around 12 or so for the post about YOUR chance of winning a pair of Feiyue shoes, I will even give you a sneak peak of what you can win, check this out:

FE-LO profil-007

Want a pair of those? I know that I sure as hell do. For more information about Feiyue, go to the Feiyue Fanpage: click here (become a fan, its the right thing to do) 

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  1. Awesome, I also like Feiyue, been noticing them popping up all around CT too. They look slick!

  2. Keep your eyes open for a little competition we got going down a little later today, where you can win a pair of Feiyue shoes Ryan!

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