FEIYUE Invites Artist ANDRÉ to Design a Sneaker – Win Yourself A Pair

Want some of these bad boys? Well Feiyue and ANDRÉ have collaborated and brought to life what you see above. They have only made 350 pairs WORLD WIDE and ONLY 12 of those are in South Africa and more specifically at the A-Store in Cape Town. Hurry though, cause they are selling fast. I mean who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes, when there are only 12 in the country and 350 in the world? I’d call that exclusive mofo’s.

This is what Feiyue had to say about the collabration:

Since day one, the FEIYUE team has made a habit of giving artists free rein to their creativity. The FEIYUE sneaker becomes a new canvas for expression, a source of inspiration that has given the world unique artistic creations. FEIYUE!s ambition to create connections between fashion and art, evident in its collections and marketing campaigns, immediately attracted ANDRÉ.ANDRÉ has been pasting the walls of the world’s biggest cities since the age of 13. Having risen to international fame with his leggy eponymous character, “Monsieur A” and his “Love Graffiti”, ANDRÉ is recognized on the street art scene by his ubiquitous use of the colour pink. 

ANDRÉ is also known for giving graffiti a new meaning by introducing his images in the clubs and night-spots of cities like Paris, New York and Tokyo. Today, ANDRÉ is the Artistic Director and owner of some of the hottest nightclubs and restaurants in the world and a major influence on the international nightlife scene.

For this exceptional collaboration, FEIYUE and ANDRÉ have limited distribution of 350 pairs to the most premier establishments across the world with a maximum of 24 pairs in 1 exclusive retailer per country. Launching in October 2010 at COLETTE in Paris, the artistic collaboration between FEIYUE and ANDRÉ will be on the brands first model, the Fe-Lo. The creation is a humble sneaker in white canvas featuring the famous “Mr. A” and matching laces.

But ANDRÉ wanted to go further. Taking full advantage of the medium offered by FEIYUE, he returns to his first love, drawing and illustration, as he did in the DRAWINGS exhibition at COLETTE. In February 2010. The artist uses the psychedelic imagery of the 60s and 70s, combined with his memories of the comics he used to read when he was little to illustrate the shoe-box and the sole of

each FEIYUE x ANDRÉ model with his vision of Paris. The result was a simple yet compelling super-saturated vision of the French capital in movement, just like the Paris in FEIYUE!s most recent marketing campaign, “Circles.”

To win yourself a pair of these insane, once in a life time shoes: (click here)

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