Feeling Bad About Yourself? Just Remember That This Woman Exists.

Feeling Bad About Yourself? Just Remember That This Woman Exists (She Ate A Whole Stick Of Butter Without Chewing).


Are you feeling a little bit down today? Don’t worry about it, we’re about to uplift you with this rather spectacular video of a woman whose claim to fame is being able to eat an entire stick of butter without even chewing it (as if that’s something you’d do with a stick of butter anyway). No really, that’s it… people are complaining that butter is bad for you when you spread it on toast and here’s this lady just sucking down an entire stick without flinching.

Check out the video below and do your best not to feel a little bit ill:

Erm… yeah… so, so many questions. Where does it all go? Why did she even try this to begin with? Should her friends not stop her? How come she hasn’t as yet died of heart related diseases?

No man. Get a new hobby.

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