Feast your eyes on this visual cacophony and find out just who exactly is the Fastest Man Alive.

Bikes, babes and hotdogs. An ode to all things fast.

This project is the brainchild of South African Director / Editor Luke Apteker, whose past work includes “Enter The Ninja”  for Die Antwoord:

and his commercial for Mercedes-Benz “Silver Slipstreams”

Luke stuck to a recipe of one part vision and another part inner crazy by glueing together a narrative that would both complement and shine in the whimsical world of slow-motion

Camera specs:
Camera: Phantom mini (Veo 640s)
Demo model. Only a few in the world
1600 fps at 2,5k, 1000 fps at 4k
72 gig ram cache
2,5kg body without lens

The Film:

Behind the scenes:

The Team:
Luke Apteker – Writer, Director, Editor
Karl Schmidt – DOP
Duran Levinson – DOP 2
Dean Engela – Drone
Caleb Tennant – Rider
Mat Caldecott – Eating Champ
Rachel Kay – Judge
Marya Hardwicke – Stylist
Dylan Culhane – Assisting Art Director
Ross Finck – Sound
Kyle Stroebel – Grade
Agency: Made Agency

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