Father & Daughter have beatbox battle to decide who does the dishes

father vs daughter beatbox

The story behind this video is that when it comes time to do the dishes in Nicole’s household there’s always a major lack of interest shown by her and her dad, to the point where her mom would get super bleak and regret her decision to get married and have kids.

As a method of resolving the age old question of who’s turn it was to do the dishes, they decided to do a beatbox battle with the loser being condemned to one of the worse household chores around. The dad is referred to as the master, while the daughter is called the apprentice and after watching this video it feels like the student is showing the master a trick or two.

I wish I had the option of battling my dad in a beatbox contest when I was growing up – I definitely would’ve gotten out of doing the dishes EVERY single time. It’s something to consider one day should I be crazy enough to have children.

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