Fat chicks & Froyos

The froyo – a frozen dessert made with yogurt, with a lower fat content (due to the use of milk instead of cream) – craze has finally landed in South Africa with the arrival of Wakaberry and its amazing mantra of self-service, when dispensing frozen treats. Unfortunately, as in most other countries that have froyo stores in their urban centers, this particular dessert time treat, comes complete with annoying background noise provided mostly, by girls. If you’ve been to a Wakaberry store before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about- for those of you who haven’t, picture the following scene between a group of 3 women, one of them slightly more generously proportioned than the rest of the group.

O.M.G. You have to try this froyo thing, it’s sooooo amazing. And you what the best part about it is? It’s fat free.

Ok, this is roundabout the point where I feel the need to interject- you’re only a little bit right imaginary woman having a conversation with friends. Yes, froyo, like Wakaberry is 98% fat free but the crushed peppermint crisp, marshmallows and double chocolate syrup that you’ve lathered your froyo up with, unequivocally, is not. I’m not even being hyper critical here, I can almost guarantee that if you sit in a froyo store for an hour or so, you’ll see this exact scene play out at least 3 times, in front of your very eyes.

So the next time you’re grabbing a froyo with a friend and they mention the fact that their dessert, dripping with caramel and fudge is a healthy alternative to eating a bowl of melted bar ones, please, be a pal and give them the facts. The world will be a better place. Maybe.

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