Fast Food Workers Hit Bong In Drive Through

drive through dabbing

The story behind this video is that the guy in the Barcelona shirt decided that the best way to pay for his food at a local fast food joint was to offer the workers inside a hit of his bong as he went through the drive through. Although completely irresponsible and probably the main reason why everyone after him had to wait so long to get their orders from the stoned waitrons, I suppose I can overlook it, given the fact that these dudes working there must have been super bored at the time.

Some of the workers from inside the fast food chain literally sprint over to window in order to get a hit of the bong – showing clearly that drugs like weed are very bad for you and very addictive and are the gateway to you sacrificing a goat or whatever we read in those drug pamphlets handed out at school.

Drive through bongs… Only in America.

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