Farewell Neighbourhood


It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to a Long Street legend, Neighbourhood. A venue that has stood the test of time especially throughout Cape Town’s fickle and short lived night life venues and restaurants.

Opening up way back in 2007 when the MyCityByNight crew were still at varsity, drinking our days away on the balcony (any excuse to skip varsity, right?) and coming up with the idea for this very platform you are reading this blog post on now. Team meetings were held, dreams were realized, laughs were had and LOADS of tequila was always on the agenda, not to mention all the sports we watched (and all the glasses we smashed during the UEFA Champions League final & World Cup Final in 2010 – Sorry). It was a home for many young Capetonians back in the day – it was a our home away from home.

So we implore you to go give it the send off it so rightly deserves one last time before the end of January. Go hit the pool table, the foozball machine, eat your weight in curly fries and say your goodbyes.


You know you want those curly fries and chicken wings.

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