Far Cry 5 hilariously reimagined by local rapper & avid gamer Jack Parow.

As most avid gamers are well aware, today/tomorrow marks the official release of the much anticipated Far Cry 5. If you enjoy, cults, chaos, guns and spiritual warfare – then Far Cry is for you…

Amongst the eager gaming community awaiting the release today was non-other than local Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow – so excited (and clearly immersed in the game already) Mnr. Parow decided to give his Afrikaans mense the first hand Far Cry 5 experience with his personalised trailer which has been directly translated from English to Afrikaans by Jack himself ensuring all non-English mense know what’s up – just kidding, no direct translation, just full on, uncensored Parow. Ladies and dudes, we give you Far Cry 5 – Afrikaans edition.

#FarCry 5 Afrikaanse Trailer!

OHHHHH YES!! You guys know I've been looking forward to this for soooooo long. And here it finally is!! #FARCRY5!! I was so amped I sommer made a afrikaans trailer for it…let me know what u think masekinners!!

Posted by Jack Parow on Monday, 26 March 2018

DISCLAIMER – This is not a direct translation of the original Far Cry 5 trailer English text and is merely the personal commentary of a gamer.  

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