Fans can now listen to over 900 hours of Andrew Weatherall mixes, live recordings, radio rips and more

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A group of fans have come together to share over 900 hours of music and mixes by the late DJ and producer, Andrew Weatherall.

Called the ‘Weatherdrive‘, the directory is filled with Weatherall’s studio mixes, live recordings, and radio rips from 1988 to 2020 and also consists of unreleased tracks, press clippings, and fan art

Weatherall fan and directory contributor, Martin Brannagan told Mixmag there is still so much more content to add, “the joy and thrill is that I know we’re still far from complete” Brannagan said, “Andrew was so prolific and his era spanned radio rips onto cassette to mixtapes and CDRs through to early internet streaming radio and present-day where all radio is streamed and full soundboards are available days after the gig.”

The Weatherdrive was created by a collective of fans “who want to share the works, the joy and the experience of hearing the mastery of Andrew Weatherall”. Weatherall died aged 56 last week from a pulmonary embolism.

Discover hundreds of hours on music and mixes by Andrew Weatherall on the Weatherdrive right here.

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