Fancy A Rave In A Portaloo? (VIDEO)

Fancy A Rave In A Portaloo? (VIDEO)

Generally portaloos are the absolute low light of any public event out there, which is what makes this particular party all that more special. A bunch of festival goers at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, which runs from August 9th – 15th, transformed the portaloo experience altogether by turning them into a passageway for a secret rave.

A couple of lucky peeps at the party got to experience the secret dancefloor hidden behind one of the doors of portaloos where dj’s dropped some super silky tracks to small crowds each night.

Magic Toilet

When you go to the toilet, but you discover a secret RAVE !!!For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Rave Jungle on Friday, 18 August 2017

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