Fan KO’s Boxer By Throwing Ice Bucket From The Crowd

Fan KO’s Boxer By Throwing Ice Bucket From The Crowd


So sometimes fans are the ones that end up getting a little bit too carried away at live sporting events from around the World, which is exactly what happened after a recent boxing bout between Stephen Butler vs Brandon Cook. Both boxers were undefeated prior to their meeting in Canada a few weeks back, with Butler being the bookies’ favourite ahead of the fight. Somehow, completely against what was expected, Cook managed to go on and win the fight on a points decision, which understandably left the crowd enraged.

Cook gets clocked in the head by a rogue bucket thrown into the ring from the crowd, which pretty much knocks him out on the spot. Apparently there was a brawl in the crowd too following this, which resulted in Cook, a man and a woman, as well as two employees of the Ball Centre in Montreal where the fight took place, all being taken to hospital for treatment.

Nuts. Check out the quality throw in the video below… yeeeoowch!

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