Family Guy’s Brian lives on

family guy brian returns

We were all fairly horrified a few weeks back when we learned that the creators of the hit American TV series Family Guy killed off one of the central characters Brian Griffin, which is why the news of his return to the show made us happy on the inside.

You’ll recall that Brian, the family dog (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) had been run over by a car in an episode called Life of Brian. This made people so unhappy that over 75,000 fans signed a petition in a bid to have the character brought back from the dead. Seth MacFarlane finally dropped the news that most of the fans were waiting to hear as he dropped a series of tweets after the Christmas Guy episode where the talking baby Stewie Griffin travels back in time to save Brian, after asking a Santa at a local shopping centre to get him back.


So if you’re not keen to wait, you can catch the crux of Brian’s resurrection below: (Oh and obviously – SPOILER ALERT)

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