Faithless Live in South Africa

The news of Faithless and their return has been filtering through the world of digital faster than the news that Kreg is the deadliest finisher in the universe. MyCityByNight is super stoked!

Hot on the heels of bringing down the legendary 90’s and early 2000’s superstars Crowded House, the folks over at Real Concerts have decided to give a little bit of love to all of us dance heads out there with the return of electronic music giants Faithless to the shores of South Africa…

Next year on the 4 February, Faithless will make a return to South Africa at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town and Gallagher Convention Centre on the 5 February in Johannesburg following a nine date arena tour in the UK in December 2010.

Following the success of their new album, The Dance earlier this year on their own label Nate’s Tunes- Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo reach the bar that their back-cat sets so high, and Maxi reckons its “chock-a-block with dance tunes which will become the anthems of the future… “we come one” anybody?
The full Faithless live experience will be exploding on stages in South Africa in February 2011 (not a dj set). If you’ve missed out on seeing them before, best you get your tickets now, making sure you get treated to what promises to be a night to remember! 

Tickets for Faithless’ shows in South Africa are on sale now from Computicket on 083 915 8000 or

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  1. This is a dream come true ! I always wanted to see Faithless LIVE ! We Come ONE !

    – Faithless / Sun To Me

  2. Mr Cottle… Keep your eyes open for a little competition we are organising with the lovely folk over at Real Concerts. You might even get to see them for FREE 🙂

    1. this is so not fair why is it durban always gets left out on the big events like this

      1. @almo – yeah, I do sometimes question how the cities get chosen… We’ll keep an eye out, hopefully we get more events in Durbs soon!

    1. Im super excited about this one!!! We’re chatting to the powers that be to see whether we can wangle a ticket or 2 for you folks 🙂 Stay tuned!

  3. How insane will this be? I remember seeing them at the Electric Workshop way back in the early 2000’s. Loving their new sexy tune “not going home” in a big way!!

  4. The village was sick! Now for Above & Beyond. And then… Faithless! Yo Mr Kreg I want to win some tickets. What must I do?

    1. Keep your eyes on MyCityByNight over the next month or so. We are working on securing some tickets for Faithless as we speak and will be keeping you updated on this.

      Village was blady awesome hey. Check MyCity tomorrow for the live interview we are doing with Above and Beyond tomorrow evening 🙂


  5. iv been looking for this article all night, lol. Faithless is definatly going to be GREAT. the love for them is unexplainable!!! maxi KING jazz is going to be awesome to see!!! id like to win tickets aswell (^^,)!!!
    mr cottle and kreg, village was superb! above and beyond is going to be epic and then we’v got Ferry corsten to attened!! i hope the party never ends:)

  6. So looking forward to this, just a pitty they used Computicket for ticket sales. They are terrible and have the worst, slowest website ever!

    1. Hi Ruan,

      Try the .mobi site of computicket even on your PC, as this is quicker apparently.

  7. if loving you is wrong i dont wana be right,got my tickets the day it went on sale,been waiting for this ever so long,missed the first time they were here not this time,you dont need eyes to see you need vision,,can t wait,


  8. Does anyone know who is opening for Faithless in Jozi on sat? or if there it is only going to be faithless playing?

    1. Hey Dyl.

      I know in Cape Town, the supporting act is Goldfish, so I reckon it will be the same for JHB.

      Its going to be sick! 🙂

      1. Just spoke to Real Concerts… Its Goldfish for both Cape Town and Jozi 🙂

  9. Shocking event management by Real concerts. After a total mess at the entrance (gates opened at 21h30), we struggled to buy drinks, missed the start, saw an awesome 90min performance by Faithless and were asked to leave.

    So we paid R450 for the worst live convert I’ve ever attended, including the Metallica debacle.

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