Failed paddle boat proposal will be make you cringe!

paddle boat proposal fail

A guy on YouTube by the name of “Swilk 16” uploaded a clip of his failed paddle boat proposal, much to the enjoyment of millions of viewers around the globe. In the video he tries to propose to his girlfriend while on a paddle boat and everything seemed like it was going well until she noticed some people on the shore holding up signs and proceeded to playfully hit him while saying “shut up” (having realised what was going on). This of course knocked the ring out of his hands and into the water, causing one of the most cringeworthy proposals ever captured on film before.

His mates immediately jump in the water to try and salvage the ring but unfortunately the video ends before we get to find out if they do manage to find it. What’s the lesson to learn from all of this? Don’t propose on a paddle boat.

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