Fail, FMail, Fitter, Faim, Fype …. Here comes Facebook again

Just when you thought email, tweeting and all the other messaging types were considered modern, a certain Mr. Zuckerberg unveiled what he is calling a “modern messaging system”, a day ago. Pffft archaic Twitter! :-s

In a quest to take over the world with Facebook and its capabilities of having info on people and using all this to his benefit, Mark (when you know him as well as us you can call him Mark) spoke of the process he went through to come to the conclusion that this is needed in the Facebook system.
He recalled talking to high school pupils and how they communicate with one another. They don’t like email. “It’s too formal,” Zuckerberg noted. So about a year ago, Facebook set out to overhaul the system. But this isn’t just about email.

“This is not an email killer. This is a messaging experience that includes email as one part of it,” Zuckerberg said. Phew bet old Larry Page and Sergey Brin were bricking it for a second that their precious Gmail was about to be destroyed!
It’s all about making communication simpler. “This is the way that the future should work,” he continued. Surely a carrier pigeon is simple too Mark?
Here are the keys to what a modern messaging system needs according to Zuckerberg:

• seamless
• informal
• immediate
• personal
• simple
• minimal
• short

See, just like a carrier pigeon!

Ok jokes aside, here are the really clever bits that will keep everyone happy.
Facebook has created three key things: Seamless messaging, conversation history, and a social inbox. Essentially, they’ve created a way to communicate no matter what format you want to use: email, chat, SMS — they’re all included. “People should share however they want to share,” engineer Andrew Bosworth said.
All of this messaging is kept in a single social inbox. And all of your conversation history with people is kept. Hmmm, so in a way, its just like MSN asking if you want to save your chat, and just being able to save your chat that you currently have in Facebook.

Alongside the product on, this is going to work on their mobile applications as well. An updated iPhone app is launching shortly. It’s important that you can keep messages going while you’re on the go, Bosworth noted.
But you don’t need an app. It’s important to note that this can work with SMS too.

And yes, everyone can get an email address if they want. But they don’t need to get one — you can use any email address.
He said that 15 engineers have worked on this product — remarkably, this is the most that have ever worked on a single Facebook project.
Right now, this system is merging four main things: SMS, IM, email, and Facebook messages. Zuckerberg said that they’d consider other tech, like VoIP in the future. But right now this is mainly about consolidating text-based messages.

Conclusion; MSN, AIM, Twitter and in the future, Skype… Here comes the crazy kid to take it all away from you and we can’t wait to see you respond to this!
Wonder what some new name will be… Fail, Fitter, Fype, Faim…

Expect to start seeing it rolled out over the next few months, Zuckerberg said.


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