Fail Of The Day| Plumber Doesn’t Shut Off Water & Floods The House

Fail Of The Day| Plumber Doesn't Shut Off Water & Floods The House


Plumbers often get a bit of a bad wrap for always having their arse crack exposed while going about their daily work, but in this particular instance you’d have every right to be a little bit peeved with this dude. The plumber in this video decided he was going to be a cheap-skate and not pay the a $150 water shut off fee for the apartment where he was mending a leak, causing catastrophic flooding of the woman who he was working for’s apartment.

Have a look at the absolute carnage and what is surely going to be thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage that could have easily been avoided by paying a fee in the video below:

What an idiot – oh and let’s not even talk about the woman trying to vacuum up the water? That’s a pretty huge comedy of errors right there and everyone involved in this video should just take some time off of live to reassess what they’re actually doing on this planet in the first place. Wowee – I sincerely hope nothing like this ever happens to any of us (but if it does, I really do hope somebody is there to film it all).

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