Facebook Friendship Pages- a convenient way to stalk people

With Facebook Friendship Pages a whole new dimension of stalking has been opened up for all those people wanting to get a little bit of dirt on friends or who want to do a little bit of harmless “observing”.

What Friendship Pages basically consists of, is a rather evolved version of the traditional Facestalk that most of us from time to time engage in. You know what I am talking about, going through people’s photos and checking out what and who they’ve been doing. Ever meet someone while out through a mutual friend? Well now you can check out if they’re a weirdo before going out with them by having a quick look at their history with your mutual friend through photos and wall posts between. It’s also kinda awesome if you cant remember how the hell you met someone- this happens to me a lot.

Facebook has been nice enough to put together an entire feature that compiles a history of interactions between people on Facebook in a nice easy to use package. You can see what people have been up to, when the last time that they were together was or even the progression from harmless and innocent flirting to full blown “I want to stick my fork in you potato” dirty talk.

I tried it out the other night and I was mortified to see how much I freaking flirt with people on Facebook- actually I wasn’t- I did a secret personal high-5. I can however see a million fights being started by highly paranoid significant others that already throw a hissy fit and accuse you philandering if you even comment on another person’s post. Just imagine pulling up an entire timeline that maps out exactly when your cheating ex hooked up with that funny looking guy. The only problem or saving grace is the fact that you have to be friends with at least one of the people in question and have, at bare minimum- full access to the other person’s profile.

To be clear, Facebook isn’t making more data publicly available through the Friendship Pages feature, it is merely compiling information in a new way.

Is that a touch creepy? Almost definately, but here’s the thing: Facestalking wouldn’t be a commonly used word if people didn’t already like doing it all the freaking time. Before Farmville, status updates and the “Like” button, have a quick glance through someone’s profile was a major Facebook pastime… Think of Friendship Pages as a return to form.

So if you’re worried… Take control of your privacy settings and make sure that you are protected from an entire world of Facebook stalkers. I’m looking forward to busting people who are flirting when they shouldn’t be… Noeleen and Kreg- I see you!

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  1. Does this mean my boss can check up on me now 🙁
    Do you know what to tick or untick in the privacy/security settings?

    1. If you are friends with you boss on Facebook and they know anyone that you know (or that doesnt have their privacy settings adjusted) they can check out an entire history of interactions between you on Facebook! EEEEK!

      Under privacy settings make sure that your profile (or bits of your profile that you dont want to be viewable by the public, eg status, or photo updates) is set to be viewed only by friends. I’ll have a squizz at what the exact box to uncheck is and get back to you Maureen! Ps awesome meeting you while up in Jozi!

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