Facebook and Instagram’s New Tool Will Now Tell You How Much Time You Spend On Them.


This might just be the most socially conscious development to ever take place at Facebook headquarters.  We’re becoming increasingly concerned about how much time we spend browsing social media platforms and the possible negative effects it may have on us so it’s actually wonderful to see the ‘Silicon Valley giant’ do something about it.

Facebook, which owns Instagram and Whatsapp has just revealed that they have designed a new tool to try and limit how much time people spend on their apps. The feature will provide people with what I think is crucial information. It will let people know how much time they’ve spent scrolling, alert them when they reach an allotted time, and even allow them to mute notifications for certain periods.

With the emergence of mental health issues – especially among young people, who are spending the most time on these platforms, this kind of information could be really important – but will a simple tool be enough to help people scroll less and save precious time? Who knows, perhaps the only way rid the temptation to return would be to obliterate the app entirely?



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