Extreme Eyewear launch at The Reserve || Review

We get invited to a lot of events at MyCityByNight– more than you could ever imagine. Due to this fact we have to be fairly selective over the ones we do choose to attend and be somewhat misbehaved at.

Every now and again- amazing events come around, that are really just quite cleverly disguised crappy events… This was one of them.

Let’s start with the positives-

The venue selected for the Extreme Eyewear launch of the new Tom Ford, Roberto Cavali, Balenciaga and Daniel Swarovski sunglasses in conjunction with Patron was The Reserve. I hadn’t previously been to The Reserve and was totally stunned by its sheer opulence. It’s the old Reserve Bank building that has been turned into an unbelievably swanky bar-come-club. There were paintings of monkeys in jungles, massive gold plated chains hanging from the ceiling, Patron ice sculptures everywhere and the bathroom ceiling changed colour while you went for whizz (or maybe that was just the Patron).

As I mentioned in the post leading up to this event, the guestlist for the evening was limited to only 100 people- those believed to be the most influential in media and fashion. Let’s just say all those in attendance were definitely A-list. I also had the opportunity to meet Lieschen Botes in the beginning of the evening and let me just say this- WOW. She was so friendly and really quite awesome- oh and then there’s the little thing of her being a total MOOINESS. Expect to see her gracing our Monday Mooiness feature very soon 🙂

The actual merchandise was amazing- I tried on a couple of pairs (my face is a weird shape, so its lank hard to find the right one) and then thought long and hard about whether I could survive on crackers only if I did decide to purchase them.

All of the background staff tasked with keeping the-not-so-cheap drinks (3 dbl vodka cranberries cost me R175) in your hand, were super friendly and made sure we were all having a good time- one of them was even kind enough to ask me if I wanted to leave a 10% tip- how thoughtful…

Now for the negatives-

When we arrived at the venue- on time– we found a group of people still chilling outside the venue. Thinking this was a bit odd, considering that the invite stressed that any lateness will be punishable by a hot tar bath, I enquired why- only to find out that they were not ready inside. Time went by and more and more of the very VIP group of people arrived. An hour passed. Finally the bouncer outside, who had been looking fairly bleak the whole time we were there, got the instruction to start letting people in and our night could begin. Unless this was some next gen experiment to see whether socialites were indeed capable of getting along with each other, it was a massive fail. I hate waiting. Especially if you’ve told me to be on time. Bleh.

At the end of the day- this launch was supposed to be all about the new merchandise. The room that we were in for the actual fashion show was fairly dark and the different styles on show were difficult to see- even for a night owl like me. Also the outfits that the models were wearing were mad weird- Dion Chang must have died a little bit inside when they strutted out from behind the curtain. Not good.

When it came to actually trying on some of the shades, I received little to no help from the models who were clearly struggling to think, breathe and model at the same time. Granted they are models and people generally don’t expect much, I really thought that they would be more in the know about their role on the night. Hey, at least I got a Patron shot or two for free.


We’ll never slate something without giving some feedback regarding how to make things better for next time so here goes:

If you are going to have an event about a particular product, make sure that it has a component that is meant to educate the guest. I would love have known which glasses belonged to which designer and a little bit of history around the inspiration behind them. The way it was done on the night was far too confusing- I had no idea whether the shades that I liked were a Tom Ford or Balenciaga work.

Never, ever, EVER make people wait. ESPECIALLY if you’ve told them to be on time on the invite. I was really disappointed with this and it really skewed my night- so much so that I left immediately after the fashion show.

Alright that’s me- I hope that those tasked with organizing the event have a little read- I guarantee you that I am not the only one who thought these things about the event- the only difference is- I’ll say it… or write it… MyCityByNight was super thankful to be there in the first place (its a real compliment) but probably wont get invited to the next event… At least you all know we’re honest… and unbelievably hot… oh and funny too.

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