Explore the Great Barrier Reef & other World Wonders with Google Maps

You have to admit that Google comes up with pretty awesome stuff- stuff like Google Street View. You can literally explore the rolling hills of San Francisco and many homosexuals that line the streets there from behind the comfort of your computer screen.

Now they’ve taken it a step further, giving stoned people around the world something interesting to do while ghoefed, with their brand new Google Maps project – Google Underwater Maps. As the name suggests you get to explore the depths of the ocean and see sea turtles without even having to get wet. Through this and the other offerings that form the Google World Wonders Project, the internet giant uses Google Street View tech to map out the Wonders of the World (they left out Table Mountain). I don’t know if it quite the same thing as seeing the World Wonders yourself but it is a pretty cool way to spend your time on the internet.

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