“Exorcist” jailed for naughty sex trick

The East is often the source for a great deal of comic relief and this particular story pretty much corroborates that statement to its fullest.

Earlier this year a fake exorcist was convicted of tricking a Hong Kong teenager into doing the nasty (having sex) with him by telling her that the lude act would cast away the ghosts and demons haunting her.

The second-hand car salesman (I know, could you get anymore seedy?) by the name of Chow Kam-wah, aged 52, was found guilty on Monday of three counts of procurement and one of rape of the 19-year-old. Apparently this siff ou tricked his victim, who believed she was seeing ghosts, into having sex with elaborate rituals at his home in Hong Kong, not once, not twice but thrice from March to September 2009.

He would burn incense, stamp on the floor, blindfold the teenager, then draw symbols on her back before having sex with her- which is pretty much the standard procedure in my bedroom. Chow pleaded not guilty but was convicted of procurement and rape. He was remanded in custody and is to be sentenced on November 30.

I know sex is good for curing hangovers but exorcising ghosts?! Havent seen that in a movie before…

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