EXCLUSIVE | TRACK OF THE DAY | Xavier Dragner feat. Alex Solomon – Ocean Floor

Fresh off the press with an exclusive from Xavier Dragner

Artist Xavier Dragner
Instagram: HERE
Facebook: HERE

Artist Alex Solomon
Instagram: HERE
Facebook: HERE

Song release date: 3 September 2021
Release Platforms: All major online music platforms

The Story:

Ocean Floor was originally produced as an instrumental and was going to be released that way. After sending the first draft to a few close producer friends, in order to get a second opinion, it was clear that the song was missing that final piece. The final piece naturally being vocals. After playing the song to Alex Solomon, she was immediately keen to get on board as the vocalist and writer. It was clear to me that Alex had a true passion and love for music, this made creating the final product such an enjoyable journey. Countless messages and emails later, we finally completed “Ocean Floor”. 

Fun fact: Xavier Dragner & Alex Solomon still haven’t met in person.

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