Exclusive Splashy Fen Interview | Jack Parow

Photo by Allister Christie

MCBN: Awe Jack. Let’s kick things off right – You’ve been incredibly hard at work at the moment with music, Parow Brandy and a little something called Parow Fest (in Holland). Tell us what your day in the life of Parow consists of at the moment?

Waking up, testing some Parow Brandy to make sure none of it’s gone bad. Then write some raps for the new album & make some lekker goed. Then taste some Parow Brandy to make sure none of it’s gone bad. Then maybe write some more raps, braai, then taste some Parow Brandy to make sure none of it’s gone bad. Then sleep.

MCBN: You’ve played at Splashy before. What did you love about the festival and what are you looking forward to most this year?

It’s such a lekker vibe there in the mountains. So far away from everything, feel like you are in another world, like in lord of the rings, but maybe more like lord of the drinks or something like that. Everyone is just there for a jol and you can feel that energy, its befok.

MCBN: We know you love collaborating and working with local musicians, can we expect to see any of the collaborations with artists featured on Dis Hoe Ons Rol live at Splashy Fen?

You never know, let’s hope so ne…you will have to wait and see!

MCBN: We had the pleasure of tasting your divine poison recently. Take us through the conceptualisation process and how Parow Brandy came to be?

Well, I drank a lot of brandy, and more brandy, and then a bit more brandy, and then we took the one that tasted the lekkerste and made us feel the lekkerste and we put in a bottle. And it’s proper, I promise you that, taste it, if you don’t like it, you’re a d**s.

MCBN: Can fans expect a “crowd” tasting of sorts at your Splashy Fen show this year? If not, where can fans get their hands on some Parow Brandy?

There will definitely be a “crowd tasting” and if you want to get it it’s at Checkers liquor shops country wide as well as Makro, Tops, and a few others. Basically any place that has taste and knows what the best is.

MCBN: More seriously, though, tell us a bit more about your project, Parow Fest in Holland?

Ja, damn, it’s mal, I’ve gotten my own festival in the Netherlands, can you believe that, fok, it’s insane ne, like Ozfest, but zeffer. It’s going to be kak lekker. I can book all the bands myself and it’s going to be at Utrecht in September, but don’t want to give away too much, keep an eye open, the details drop fokken soon soon. Was that serious enough?

MCBN: You’re an avid gamer, we’ve heard rumours that you want to begin a gaming channel, what are your top three games and where can we find you playing online?

I LOVE games, it’s one of my favourite things to do. Top 3 is difficult, but seeing as I own all platforms I will rather tell you what I’m playing at the moment, which is probably my top 3 out right now. Ghost Recon Wildlands is MAL. The new Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch and then Lego Dimensions or maybe Horizon Zero Dawn, depending on my vibe and the last but not least Clash of Clans, haha!

MCBN: What is your favourite platform, whether it be Xbox, PS4 or PC?

I don’t have a favourite, I love gaming, so I love them all. Depending on what I’m playing or who I’m playing against I will switch platforms. I’m fokkin mal like that. I have a PS4, Xbox, an Acer predator laptop and most recently a Nintendo switch. So mostly at home I’m on the PS4 or the Xbox, but because I travel so much the Predator and the Switch are great for missioning around and kak. Ja, haha, I love it!

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the current hip-hop scene in South Africa? Are there any young, up and coming artists you have your eye on?

Ag, you know, I’m always looking around, but not much from a hip hop side, there’s a few amazing young up and coming artist and singers that I want to work with on my new album though, so kyk uit.

MCBN: Something that’s always been on our mind, how did the moerse cap come about? What’s the story behind it and where can we get our hands on one?

Nothing to fkn heavy or anything, I just always wear a cap, so we were like, a caps fokkin boring, let’s make it long, maybe it looks mal and it did, so we kept it, haha. And you can get it at online at www.jackparow.co.za or at any of my shows.

MCBN: Lastly, what do you have to say to all your fans attending Splashy this year? What can they expect from your show and what do you hope they take from it?

Just a jol. It’s the first time I will be playing with my full band at splashy so that’s going to be a fkn MAL partytjie. I will also be bringing a kakhuis full of Jager and Parow Brandy, so be ready, because we are going to HAK UIT!! Can’t wait to see you and your pretty fkn faces! LEKKER!

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