Exclusive MyCityByNight Interview and Mix By Sébastien Léger (Fra)

MCBN: Around the world, you are regarded as a prolific and extremely talented producer. Your Essential mixes on BBC reflect your broad taste and an ear for everything from techno to minimal and house. Where would you say your musical influences come from?

To make it easy and short : Funk & Disco, to make it more precise : a touch of Chicago House, a bit of late 90’s French Touch, some funky Napolitan Techno and a little of groovy German stuff.

MCBN: Production software and technology is so accessible these days with the industry becoming saturated as a result. Is there any advice you would give to aspiring producers in light of this?

Surely you have to be patient, as there is so (too) many “producers” around, and it’s getting really difficult to get noticed as a new comer. But being original/different is a major key to the success or at least to break through. Too many people copying each-other and in the end you can’t see the difference on who did what.

MCBN: If you could have dinner, chowing on some epic beats, with three producers/DJs – who would they be and why?

Format:B, Popof and Super Flu. Just because we are friends and it makes the whole dinner a lot more fun 🙂 Otherwise – Anyone who shares the same taste of music and doesn’t act like he’s the fucking coolest shit in the world 🙂

MCBN: Throughout your insane career, you must have played at some amazing festivals and parties all over the world, what has been your favourite party(s) you have played at and why?

It’s hard to tell, but I always have in my mind that insane festival in France, Astropolis, back in 1998 where I played with Thomas Bangalter (half Daft Punk and unmasked) doing his live show and the next year just before Laurent Garnier as a secret guest. That for the good old memory, but recently I played at Electric Piknic in Montreal and it was the best gig I have done in the last two year. It was a very special moment with amazing crowd, as the blue sky turned from a beautiful sky to a pouring with rain. The euphoria under all the rain was magic

MCBN: Can you remember your very first gig and do you remember how it went?

My first official gig, I guess that was me playing as a resident in a general club. I had to play dance, funk, ballad and hits way back in 1995 I think. I was more worried by the Technics SL 1200 than the rest, as I didnt have such equipment at home to practice.

MCBN: While playing across the globe and with so many top class DJ’s, what sticks out in your mind as the craziest thing you have seen while behind the decks?

This :

Youtube video caption: “This is the most crazy experience i EVER had in my whole 15 years dj career :

I was playing at Creamfields – Main stage, the party was absolutly amazing, the crowd was really nice (thanx to you !!!) and the weather was good !

But in 5 minutes time, that really good party just turned into the worst nightmarre EVER : Apocalypse.

Look at the sky during the video on the left side on the screen, you slowly see appearing a massive BLACK clouds coming thru… At that time i thoug it will be raining, but not as bad as the following things !…

At 3 minute, you can hear a noise and the music stopped, it was a big piece of whatever falling down on the turntable, but then suddenly a MASSIVE wind came and started to pushing everything down see at 3’09; and then the huge speakers wall that was on my leftside just fall down on me !!! I avoid it miraculously, just been hurted on my arm, bit of blood but nothing tooo bad ! Then the camera stopped, but i can tell you the rest was just pure hell, everything started to collapse, i had to catch (save) my records and just run away !! Festival cancelled 🙁

Thanx for the people that enjoyed this 45 minutes with such a crazy ending !! (Seb: Check out the other videos I posted there as well, you will see them all)

MCBN: What do you think the future holds for DJ’s and Producers with the rise of the internet and technology?

It’s completly out of control, everything move so fast and totally not predictable, I have no idea to be honnest. Obviously more and more digital things, for the good and the very bad.

MCBN: Who would win in a bar fight? Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton?

I hope Brittney would win, Hiton is such an idiot.

MCBN: Stroobz, our most prized writer & massive techno fan has a few questions he would like to hear from you:

MCBN: Being on the forefront of an ever changing dance scene we have seen you collaborate with many different artists. When you work with some one for the first time, what do you as individual try and bring to the table to make it unmistakeably Leger, while allowing other influence to shine through?

To be honnest, i’m really not feeling confortable working with someone in the studio. It often results in something I don’t really like. Though we did a track with Uto Karem called ‘Danceflood’, only by sending the files to each other via Skype and it ended up as a really great Dj tool that everybody played a part of. So on that I just bring my basslines, hats and swing, little details effect, while he did the arrangement and extra layer drums.  A little something like that.

MCBN: Now for the dreaded MyCityByNight ‘Would You Rather’ Question…

Would you rather only be able to grow hair on your chest in shape of a dollar sign Or never be able to grow hair on any part of your body at all, ever.

Dollar, cause once its grown, I can shave it right off after 🙂

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