Exclusive Interview / K.A.L.I.L (BRA)



MCBN: You’re a rapidly growing name in the Techno world, another great Brazilian act showing the world his sound. How did your K.A.L.I.L act come about and how long ago?

K.A.L.I.L:  First of all I would like to thank you all for this opportunity to show my work once again in South Africa!
And well, my “act” is my real name (hehehe) and I am in the world of music production since 2007. But into Techno I am full-time in for 3 years now. A lot of work has been done! I started producing Psy-trance and it brought life into me, and that’s where I found my real passion.
MCBN: On the topic of Brazilian producers, you’ve worked with Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein, Groove Delight and many more well known acts, can you give us the name of some up and coming producers we should keep our eyes on?

K.A.L.I.L: You should keep an eye in Teken, Gabriel Morais, Aspeckt, Alex Senna… there are a lot of good names coming out now!
MCBN: You became a household name with your production creating a range of music, including psy trance, how did you find your niche making Techno Music?

K.A.L.I.L: As I told you before, my life took me into other experiences and Techno came as a big one! My music is not totally Techno but I am mixing some different ideas with it. It is working I guess!
MCBN: You have a very well defined sound which comes through in your production, what can we expect from your set at Eden in Cape Town?

K.A.L.I.L: I used to play only my own productions in my sets but it became a bit of a repetition as I started to play in more gigs so now I am playing some other tracks I like too. You can expect a very energic set as usual but now with some new stuff to be shown!
MCBN: Just to further the previous question. Do you prepare a set or get to the event and see how the previous acts are and decide what you want to play from there?

K.A.L.I.L: I never prepare a set! I go with the flow with some ideas I have in mind! Ad I also have many options to create a nice story for the audience!
MCBN: Who influenced your sound to where it is today? Which Brazilian artists would you say have been a part of your growth?

K.A.L.I.L: Today my influences had changed a bit to some more Techno as Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, Chris Lebing, Maceo Plex, Sven Väth, Gardens of God, Marcel Dettman and many more! From Brazil I can’t leave behind my good friends Victor Ruiz and Alex Stein who made me do what I do today the way I do! They are very big influences for me!
MCBN: Do you know of any local South African artists? If so, are there any you’d like to collaborate with?

K.A.L.I.L: To work with Die Antwoord would be really an amazing experience haha I love their music! And I admire Kyle Watson too! He is very good! There are two friends of mine who are doing a good job, they play under the name Bróther. Cheers to them!
MCBN: Eden Experience is a boutique day festival situated just outside the heart of Cape Town. These guys put a large amount of effort into the production of the event. When it comes to outdoor events, do you prefer playing the day / sunset / night or sunrise session? We’d love to see a sunset from you

K.A.L.I.L: I think my music goes better to sunsets or sunrises! A sunset would be adorable! Let’s do it? Have I heard 3-hour-long set?? Haha =D
MCBN: What equipment do you use when producing your music? What does your studio look like?

K.A.L.I.L: In my studio I use Event 20/20 BAS Monitors, Moog Minitaur, NordRack2, Focusrite Saffire Pro24 and a Shure SM57 Mic to record some stuff! You can find pictures in my instagram @kalildj
MCBN: This is just more for our archives but what is the craziest thing you’ve seen or heard while DJing or backstage?

K.A.L.I.L: Hahahaha well, I was once with Alex Stein in one of his gigs and this crazy girl came from nowhere and hif his ass hahahahah But she was sooooo crazy that I had to call security to take her out! She was starting to annoy everyone!
MCBN: Have you got any specific new unreleased material ready and waiting to be dropped at Eden Experience?

K.A.L.I.L: Yes I do have some new stuff to show you all! It will be very special! Again… have I heard a 3-hour-long set? Haha
MCBN: Thanks for the chat KALIL, we’ll see you at Eden

K.A.L.I.L: Thank YOU for this! I can’t wait!

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