Exclusive ERA Interview | Boris Brejcha

Exclusive ERA Interview | Boris Brejcha 

MCBN: Welcome back to Cape Town Boris. We’ve been waiting for you since your last visit to CTEMF in 2016. You blew the roof off the iconic City Hall and we’re expecting something similar at ERA. Have you seen or heard of the ERA Techno Tunnel before?

Boris Brejcha:

Thank you, CTEMF was a lot of fun and I can´t wait to be back again. I’ve heard of ERA before and I´m excited to be part of it next week.

Some say it’s THE place to be in Cape Town.

MCBN: You’ve created your own sound, or genre around the normal Techno sounds people are accustomed to hearing. How did this come about? Was it a natural progression or did you always find yourself moving toward this type of sound?

Boris Brejcha:

Well, it’s quite easy to explain. When I started doing music and had my first tracks ready, people always asked me what kind of music it is and as there was no real definition for my style, I just gave it a name :). It was a natural process and of course, I didn’t really realise in the beginning that this “branding” was going to define myself in future.


MCBN: Give us the background to the Boris Brejcha lifestyle, how did your career as an artist begin?

Boris Brejcha:

I played the drums when I was a child and I always loved music in general.

My dad is a musician too and my step-brother played the keyboard. When I was around 12 I had my first Playstation with a music program and I loved to play around with it. After that, I had my first job in a supermarket where I saved my money to buy myself a PC. I started with the first version of Cubase and I was hooked right away. It was never really my intention to become famous, I just loved music so much that it was just the next step to try to be professional.

This was around 2007 and since then I’ve never stopped and I still love it.

MCBN: This has been a question on our mind for a long time, the mask has become a part of your performance, would you mind explaining to us the story about the mask and how it came to life?

Boris Brejcha:

The first gig of my life was in Brazil – on Universo Parallelo. It’s a famous beach festival and lots of artists play there in 7 days. I knew I would need something that makes me different from others so that people will remember me.

Then I thought about the carnival in Rio and I bought a mask from Venice as I thought this would be a cool feature. Slowly but surely it became my signature and still is.

MCBN: You travel a lot with close friends Deniz Bul and Ann Clue… How did this partnership form over the last few years? Do you guys prefer travelling and touring together or is it all part of the touring show?

Boris Brejcha:

I´ve been friends with both for years and most of the time Ann is touring with me cause it’s just a really cool combination. Altogether a very good team and it makes sense to play together from a musical perspective.

It’s always more fun to travel in good company and we do a lot of label nights for Fckng Serious as it turned out to be a really cool concept. We had a big success with these kinds of parties and I think if you have been to one of our shows you will understand what makes the difference. As a team, we’ve built a really nice atmosphere throughout the whole night. I love both – playing alone and with my friends. But of course travelling together is much more fun than to travel alone 🙂

MCBN: What are your three secret weapons for dance floors around the world?

Boris Brejcha:

My top 3 are Gravity, a new remix which still needs a name 🙂 and Roadtrip.

They are all killer and can change the whole mood of the crowd as they are so intense.

MCBN: This is a question we love asking every single artist from around the world… Who would you like to collaborate and work with that you HAVEN’T already had the chance to, and why?

Boris Brejcha:

Stephan Bodzin in techno genre as he is a very creative and outstanding artist. And in general, I love Hans Zimmer. Not sure if I will ever have the chance to do music with him, but that would be phenomenal as I love his work.

MCBN: The ERA nightclub has become a special place for many people in Cape Town, unfortunately, it’s doors are closing down in early August, so you’re one of the last few international acts to grace the beautiful setting. That being set, do you change your sets for festivals and club gigs or how does your set formulation process work?

Boris Brejcha:

I never prepare sets in general. If I play somewhere the 2nd or 3rd time, of course, I see that I do some variations. And as I only play my own music it depends a lot on how much time I have for producing.This year was already quite productive so I have a lot of new tracks and of course, I also play them all. There are some tracks which suit more for festivals or some which are better in Clubs. But in general, my set is built out of my latest produced tracks and those who are my all time favourites.

MCBN: Do you have a short message for the Cape Town crowd?

Boris Brejcha:

I can´t wait to be back in Cape Town and I´m really looking forward to making you dance 🙂

Thank you!

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