Exclusive Eden Experience Interview | Krash (BRA)

With the Eden Experience quickly approaching this Saturday, we decided to catch up with their headlining act, a man making waves not only in his home country, but infecting the world with his unique productions. We sat down with Krash before his Eden debut and spoke about Cape Town, what to expect on Saturday, his secret weapons, remixing tracks and much more.

1) Welcome to South Africa for the very first time, what have you heard about our electronic music scene and how excited are you for your debut set at Eden?

First of all, thank you very much, I’m very happy to bring my music to you guys, I have some friends who have already performed in Cape Town, and they told me it’s one of the best scenes in the world, full of people interested and open to receiving new ones Sound experiences, I look forward to my debut!

2) You were voted in the top 50 Brazilian DJ & producer list among some talented acts. Who has influenced you from your home town to get you to where you are today?

Yes, in mid-2005 I had my first contact with raves and clubs from my hometown São Paulo, through a friend, from there my passion for electronic music started

3) What came first? DJing or Production? Tell us about how the KRASH project came about?

Djing, in 2006, after going to some parties in my city, I had my first contact with a CDJ together with 2 great friends (Dj Avatar, Dj Luiz Moreira) who taught me how to mix music to music.

After a few years playing small parties, I felt that something was missing, I felt that I needed to produce my own songs.

In 2008 I started my studies at a university in my city that offered the course of production of electronic music, at the time the style that produced and played was Psy-trance, and in 2011 after completing my studies I needed to find myself musically.

It was when I decided to migrate to a sound with influences from House Music, Electro and Techno, thus giving birth to KRASH!

4) Who are your top 5 acts that have influenced your sound over the course of your production journey?

Certainly are more than 5 names, but I will name a few.

Gabe (Brazil)
Tiga (Canada)
Eskimo (UK)
Stimming (Germany)
Giorgio Moroder (Italy)

5) The Eden Experience Festival boasts a solid line up of local South African artists, do you listen to any South African music or artists specifically?

Yes, I am a declared fan of Kyle Watson’s work, for me one of the best South African producers at the moment, including in the year 2016 I helped in his first come to Brazil with my old bookings agency, it was really cool, Kyle has A unique sound.

I can not forget to also mention MOGEY, from whom I received some promotional tracks that really work on dancefloor.

I like Headroom and Broken Toy too.

6) What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?

Stonebank – Soldier
Talpa – Curiosity Killed The Cat
Oliver Heldens – I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Kyle Watson Remix)

7) We’ve all seen some crazy things on the dance floor but you have got the best view in the house, what is the wildest thing you’ve seen while you have been DJing?

Without a doubt, we see a lot of crazy things on dancefloor, but I believe the craziest thing I’ve ever seen was a group of 10 people holding hands, waiting for the Drop time to play in the mud, a rave that happened in a week Of storms in Brazil, it was insane

8) Walk us through a day in the life of Krash?

My life is a little out of the norm, every day I wake up and the first thing I do is go to the studio, I like to work with my head fresh, and when I wake up it’s the best time of the day to be in the studio, 5 to 8 hours working.

After work in the studio I do my domestic activities, and at the end of the day it’s time to dedicate myself to my family and my son. On weekends when I’m not traveling, I try to do some different program, join with my friends, eat the traditional Brazilian barbecue, play video game, these things.

9) If we could begin to explain of our love for the original Sunglasses at Night track, we’d be here forever. What made you decide to remix that specific track? We’re big fans of your version, nice work.

Thank you very much, I am extremely happy with the repercussion of this remix. This is one of the tracks I like the most, I started a remix of it 4 years ago, but I felt that I was not yet ready to work on this track, and after all this time I was looking for some work that I needed to finish, finding her incomplete project, It was at this moment that I felt ready to work on it.

I’m really happy with her result on the track, and super looking forward to playing her for you guys

10) Lastly, what can the eager Cape Town crowd expect from your first set ever in South Africa. Let’s just say we’re very excited to see you take over on the 8th of April

I can tell you that I’m bringing a lot of good music to you, I want to see the dancefloor of The Eden Experience jumping.

Until Saturday guys =)


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