EXCLUSIVE | Above and Beyond Twitter Interview

As you know Smirnoff Experience and Godskitchen are bringing the legends that are Above & Beyond to SA in November!

MyCityByNight have been asked by Smirnoff to do the most awesomeness of interviews with them!

A twitter conference/interview! Wow the world is so amazingly techno!

What we thought though, was to ask you, our readers to ask what you wanted to ask.

So if you had 2 or 3 questions that you could ask them, what would they be?

Just post your quetions here in the comments and the best 3 questions we get, we will ask!

You can see the answers by following us on twitter (just click the little tweety below and he’ll take you to our twitter page where you can follow us).

The conference/interview details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 21st October 2010
Time: 16h00 – 17h00 UK time

So get those questions to us ASAP!

To stand a chance of winning tickets to either the Cape Town or Jozi Smirnoff Experience click HERE

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  1. “Have you ever had people complaining that they have grow taller after seeing one of your sets?” – From reaching for the lasers 🙂 This might be very useful for you Ricky!

  2. There are 3 of them in Above&Beyond. Why are there only 2 Djs playing in some of the sets? Does the other oke have something better to-do?

    1. @Karel- I reckon its because one is more production focussed, I’m only guessing though. Good question 🙂

  3. One thing I would like to know:

    You guys are from Holland , you must have played at Dance Valley, Sensation (Black and White) and every other massive festival in and around Europe. What does it feel like stepping on a stage infront of 50,000 people?

    What type of set can we expect to hear from Above and Beyond, will it be a very fluffy uplifting set or a more progressive techy set? I want to know if I must get my white gloves ready!

    Nice work mycitybynight, very nice!

  4. Oooooh Darren, I like that question…

    What I would like to ask (which I probably will anyways, hehe) is:

    If you could collaborate with any artist and produce an album, who would it be and why? With three guys producing to start with, it must be quite an entertaining and educational time in the studio!!

  5. Ok ok im sorry….
    Who inspires you, who drives you to achieve and who makes you crazier than a hoovless goat?

  6. Well done mycitybynight. My question for the legendary trance trio is: How do they see the future of electronic music and its evolution? And will they ever collaborate with a left field artist such as NIN or Aphex Twin? And lastly, I just want to say (Above & Beyond if you reading this) I really think that all three of you guys should come down because all of you were never here down in the Cape Town before and i would love to see all three of you. Paavo I know you like to make club mixes but leave the production just for a week. Stab out brother. Anjunalove baby. Peace.

    1. Thanks Cottle… I like the Left Field question… very nice 🙂

      Come on guys, keep em coming… We could be asking them YOUR questions!! thats right, YOUR QUESTIONS!!

  7. I wanted to ask them “will u be able to slam it as hard as possible for the time u play as its my Birthday and i wanna be jamming super hard! Heard u guys are legends!!!

    also would love to know who is the biggest act you’ve played alongside and where might have been the biggest party you have played at? And finally do u guys love interacting and jamming with the crowd I mean during ur set , i know alot of dj’s just Mix and then go home … i was just wondering if u guys will experience the atmosphere of party and crowd from the front of the dancefloor 🙂

  8. Do they think that Buzz Lightyear is encrouching on their name with his famous slogan “To infinity and BEYOND” 😀

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