Evian & Isseymiyake combine for some rather expensive water


Summer is fast approaching, which means that Cape Town and other cities here in the Southern Hemisphere are going to be flooded with people who think they are kiff. These people are the ones that would be excited about a bottle of water and whether it looks pretty or not.

Evian® and ISSEYMIYAKE have designed a pure bottle that now includes a Pleats Please imaginary shimmering flower to decorate the housing for this special water. They have sold it as a way to turn your end of the year tables into a field of flowers, full of poetry and humour. Evian is also Naive spelt backwards.

Thankfully they’ve launched a stop motion film which highlights creativity and design that went into the actual process of making the bottle and the thinking behind it. It is set to retail for around R60 which seems a crazy price to pay for bottled water even though it is in a very cool bottle (in my opinion).

More marketing gibberish:

Each drop of Evian starts off as rain or snow from the pristine peaks of the French Alps, traveling through a vast natural purifying system deep within the mountains before emerging at last at the spring in Evian-Les-Bains and takes 15 years for the water to filter through and then is bottled and remains untouched and pure by humans until the very first sip.

The Evian babies are a reminder to make everyday an adventure, to be excited about life and to live young in all that you do. Whether it’s hanging with friends, working or training –live young!

I am still not compelled to go and purchase a bottle other than to act as an interesting conversation starter for dinners, but if you feel the need- they are now available locally.

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