Ever wondered what the inside of an active volcano looks like?

inside active volcano

Let me start off by saying that you have to be absolutely out of your mind to try a stunt like this because of the high probability that you’re going to be swallowed up by molten lava, never to be seen again. The fear of immanent death was not enough to put Sam Crossman off of venturing inside an active volcano to see what really goes on at the core of these natural canals to the center of the Earth.

The footage is nothing short of epic and establishes just how bonkers Sam and his team actually are for getting this close. I am rather glad that they did though – the footage is simply mesmerising. I really need to re-evaluate my life choices – there are people out there doing this, while I’m in front of a computer talking about how cool they are.

Diving into an Active Volcano from Sam Cossman on Vimeo.

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