Ever Wondered What It Was Like To Work In A Chinese iPhone Factory?

I think we’ve all been privy to the stories about Apple’s less than humane way of getting the latest iPhone to all of us via the efforts of people working in Apple’s factories in China. There have been stories of really long hours, doing menial labour with very little pay resulting in what can only be described as a working situation bordering on torture, with many of the factories surrounded by suicide nets due to the high number of workers who attempt to jump to their death to escape the day to day.

NYU student Dejian Zeng decided to go undercover and spend six weeks working at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai, China in order to provide all of us out in the West with a glimmer of truth around what it’s actually like. In addition to the footage below, Zeng also revealed that during his time making parts for the Apple iPhone 6 and 7 last year he would often go several weeks without even seeing some of the other people who he shared a dorm with, because they were too busy on the assembly line:

Damn. Just makes you think a little bit before heading out to order that brand new phone from Apple right? Shoo – it’s almost like living out a prison sentence!

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