Ever Wondered How Easy It Is To Write A Song From The Chainsmokers? (Video)

Ever Wondered How Easy It Is To Write A Song From The Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers are one of those duos that straddles the lines of EDM and pop to produce songs that sound so similar to each other that you literally have no idea that you’re listening to an entire album rather than one really, really long song. Regardless of this, they’ve managed to become super successful as artists, selling out massive festivals and making a boat-load of cash from the various singles they’ve released over the course of the last couple of years.

It’s fairly well known that most of the songs from The Chainsmokers have been constructed using a specific formula that makes literally every girl on the planet love their music. In a bid to reveal their secret formula and give you a shot at achieving similar levels of success, the guy in the video below takes us through the process of putting together one of these lads’ chart-toppers:

Yeah, that’s pretty straightforward stuff hey. The dude found the whole thing so easy, that he decided to add some lyrics and turn the thing into an actual song, which when you listen to it, could 100% be an original production from The Chainsmokers. Damn. Why didn’t I think of doing this:

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