Even TV Games Think Liverpool Suck. Literally.


Everyone knows that I am the biggest Manchester United fan on the planet and that we at MyCityByNight tune each other constantly with regards to our variance in football team support (kreg-chelsea and stacky- liverpool). This is why I rejoiced a little bit inside when I was searching the internet for Liverpool sucks articles and I managed to find this little guy!

Taken straight from FIFA ’09 Stevie G repays Keane for his awesome layoff with a blowie! Yaaaaaaay!


There you have it… TV games also think that Liverpool suck!

PS… Glory Glory Man United!!! 🙂

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  1. Hahahaha! Funny one Ricky!
    You still gonna get a smack top side the head for that!
    Man U… Pffft!

  2. I cant believe that 8 people actually like this post Ricky! Oh wait, that must be the only 8 combined Man U and Chelsea fans 😉 hahahaha!

  3. Fair enough …they’re both Janus Couplers anyway …at least Man U don’t only celebrate goals in Video Games 😉

  4. @Fray: That is the greatest picture ever… 2 of the biggest gaysies in Football getting close… cute!! 🙂

    1. Why do you always have to pull the gay card???!! Homosexuals can play football just fine- look at Chelsea 🙂

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