Eugene Terreblanche murdered


Ok I know that this is not neccesarily the kind of thing that we devote too much space on blog to, but I thought that it was worth a mention.

Over the weekend Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the right wing White Supremist movement the AVB,  Black person hater and general meanie was murdered by his own farmworkers. According to initial reports he was bludgeoned to death in his sleep- with one of the accused being a juvenile who will be tried seperately.

After bashing his head in, Terreblanche’s killers, simply “kicked it” and waited for the police to arrive- more than happy to accept the responsibility for the crime.

Dont get me wrong- I think there is a huge problem with people taking the law into their own hands and everything but sometimes being a supremist dictator of any kind is not that awesome and deserving of a little kick up of the arse from karma… Although this time I think karma really moered the hell out of Eugene Terreblanche.

Here is the AlJazeera News video on the right wing-leader’s murder… Decide for yourself:

Amid fears of absolute craziness and rioting from his followers the AVB issued a statement calling their supporters for “calm” during this trying time. As far as im concerned- the AVB was never a “calm” bunch of characters.

Nonetheless- our condolences to your family Eugene Terreblanche. Yup. Thats about it.

Take a look at these pictures (via of the court this morning. Seemed like chaos:




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