ESP HALLOWEEN NIGHT blazing with top international Vaishiyas

Halloween Night emerges from the crypt this year for another thrilling dance floor adventure, exclusive to ESP – SA’s longest running nightclub and a pioneer in the local “underground” electronic dance music (EDM) scene.

The star attraction for ESP Halloween 2012 is one of the world’s premier ProgPsyTrance artists – Vaishiyas from Spin Twist Records. Having started his career in 1999, Vaishiyas is regarded as a curator for intelligent and progressive PsyTrance of the highest caliber. ESP welcomes this talented artist for his JHB debut.

Vaishiyas is Hannes Klita, the CEO and founder of Spin Twist Records (Germany) – the world’s premier progressive PsyTrance record label, and at the forefront of the current EDM renaissance that progpsytrance is leading globally. This trance sub-genre is a post-modern, eclectic sub-genre of trance – incorporating many other genres such as house, electro, techno and even rock, instrumental and classical influences. Spin Twist Records is the home of artists such as Neelix (who is one of the first ever progpsytrance artists to reach the DJ Mag Top 100), Fabio & Moon, Day.Din, Interactive Noise, Audiomatic and other influential producers/DJs.

The event this weekend will rock with two dance floors: House & ProgPsyTrance. ESP will be transformed into a Halloween horror-house for an experience to give you goosebumps and itchy feet all over!

ProgPsyTrance (The Cave):

Alessandro Mariola
VAISHIYAS (international guest)
Craig P

House/Morning Sessions:
Mac 10
Ray Ray
Justin Vee
Ru de la Vega
Ben Rafferty
Gareth Divine
Waide Lemos

Doors open 9pm on Saturday 27 October until late afternoon Sunday.
Tickets: R100 (at the door)

For more information on Vaishiyas, go to

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