Eskom Chic: I Got Dressed In the Dark / Riordan Allen (Frieze Films)

Eskom Chic

Frieze Films’ new director, Riordan Allen, has just released Eskom Chic – I Got Dressed in the Dark, a load shedding-inspired fashion film styled by Kelly Red of the Red Rum Culture Club. Eskom Chic is the first film produced from Frieze Films’ new Cape Town office on Roodehek Street.

“I’ve always been fascinated by fashion films as a genre,” says Rio, whose most striking office decoration is the trophy he won for best costume at the Flamjangled Tea Party. “This must be one of the first fashion films where the models actually get dressed, not undressed though.”

DOP Pierre de Villiers sho tEskom Chic by torch-light, with the contrasts exaggerated by the use of black and white. Editor Matthew Swanepoel makes sure the characters and their outfits are never visible for long as they move in and out of the flickering lighting. Pressure Cooker Studios composed the moody soundtrack that holds the film together.

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